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We Filipinos loves to drink coffee, soft-drinks and tea. In fact, we can see Pinoys all over the internet saying that they were coffee lovers and milk tea lovers.

Their news feed in social medias such as Facebook and Instagram were the great evidences of their addiction in coffee and tea.

Pictures of their Starbucks coffee and  Milk tea were flooding from their posts. Also, we Pinoys usually can’t have a meal without a cold soft-drinks. We feel incomplete eating our meals without that moistened bottled of our favorite soft-drinks beside us.

            Meanwhile, because of this, aside from suffering from Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), our teeth were all stained. The yellow stain in it inspite of our usual three times brushing of our teeth, won’t go away. The stain was so stubborn to the point it hindered us from showing our once beautiful smile.

It decreases our confidence, making us miserable from being unable to laugh or just even to smile.

In order to prevent darkening our teeth even more, here are the main reasons why our teeth darken:

  • Foods/drinks: Coffee, tea, colas, (Told ya! These inevitable three ruins your teeth!), wines, and certain fruits and vegetables.
  • Tobacco use: Smoking or chewing tobacco can also stain teeth.
  • Poor dental hygiene: Brushing and flossing inadequately to remove plaque and stains from the coffee and tobacco you had.
  • Disease: Several diseases that affect enamel (the hard surface of the teeth) and dentin (the underlying material under enamel) formation can lead to tooth discoloration. Also, treatments for certain conditions can also affect tooth color. For example, head and neck radiation and chemotherapy can cause teeth discoloration. In addition, certain infections in pregnant mothers can cause tooth discoloration in the infant by affecting enamel development.
  • Medications: The antibiotics tetracycline and doxycycline are known to discolor teeth when given to children whose teeth are still developing (before the age of 8). Mouth rinses and washes containing chlorhexidine and cetylpyridinium chloride can also stain your teeth. Antihistamines (like Benadryl®), antipsychotic drugs, and antihypertensive medications can also cause teeth discoloration.
  • Dental materials: Some of the materials used in dentistry, such as amalgam restorations, especially silver sulfide-containing materials, can cast a gray-black color to your teeth.
  • Advancing age: As you age, the outer layer of enamel on your teeth gets worn away revealing the natural yellow color of dentin. Also with aging, the tooth lays down more dentin, which decreases the size of the pulp. This reduces the translucency of the tooth, which makes for a darker appearance.
  • Genetics: Some people have naturally brighter or thicker enamel than others.
  • Environment: Excessive fluoride either from environmental sources (naturally high fluoride levels in water) or from excessive use (fluoride applications, rinses, toothpaste, and fluoride supplements taken by mouth) can cause teeth discoloration.
  • Trauma: It may sound absurd but trauma can can tooth discoloration. For example, damage from a fall can disturb enamel formation in young children whose teeth are still developing. Trauma can also cause discoloration to adult teeth.

            However, don’t get depressed and lose hope! There are still different ways to make our  teeth as white as piano keys (minus the black keys, of course). Some of the teeth whitening ways are very easy to do.

One of the easiest and the cheapest way is to use household products such as baking soda, lemon and salt. However, if you are expecting to have an instant white teeth again, this whitening tip is not for you.

Achieving your once again shiny, white teeth using this way will take a lot of patience for it would take  a lot of time.

            Meanwhile, there are also teeth whitening services from abroad that are very much effective. On the other hand, that is very costly. If you doesn’t know, there are cosmetic dentistry offered here in the Philippines. Yes! You’ve heard it right! There are best teeth whitening services offered here in our country. You don’t need to go abroad anymore. There are professional teeth whitening services here.

One of the proven and tested teeth whitening clinic here is the SMYLab. They offer cosmetic dentistry such as:

  • Teeth whitening spa
  • Teeth whitening gel
  • Teeth bleaching
  • Dental implants
  • Laser teeth whitening

            The SMYLab is the Certified Teeth Whitening Service Provider here in the Philippines. Our mission  is to provide the most effective teeth whitening products and the best possible quality of service that is fast, affordable, safe and effective. We know how beautiful smile is important to a person.


We know that having a beautiful smile can make you confident, happier and look younger. Our teeth whitening is performed by a licensed professional dentist to ensure quality of service and to provide proper dental advise to our clients.

Furthermore, to fully take advantage of SMYLab teeth whitening and to get the best results, we recommend that you have visited your dentist for at least last 6 months (maximum one year) prior to your appointment.

This is to ensure that you are aware of any cavities or other dental problems that might cause issues during the teeth whitening procedure. This is also to ensure that any plague or cavities have been removed by your dentist prior to teeth whitening.


Teeth Whitening Process


            SMYLab teeth whitening process is a simple in-office treatment that is administered by our qualified dental practitioner. It uses a combination of LED blue Light, specifically designed for teeth whitening and our whitening gel. The dental method is a brush application technology, by which the gel is applied directly to the teeth using the brush applicator. Our teeth whitening procedure is a simple and convenient process which can be accomplished as little as 20 minutes to 60 minutes, with little or no sensitivity or side effects.


Teeth Whitening Services

SMYLab for Teeth Whitening_Teeth Whitening_Process

            Our teeth whitening comes with 3 sessions of 20-minute back-to-back for a total of 1 hour. The whole process might take more than 1 hour (Approx. 1 hour and 30 minutes) as clients need to sign read and sign the waiver.

            Prepping time and 2-3 mins break between session for the client to rinse the gel and get ready for the next session. Getting the before and after shades.

            For walk-in or Online Inquiries. It is prior to set up an appointment before the session.

            With our teeth whitening procedure, you will get up to 10 shades guaranteed or we’ll refund your money back 100%.



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