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Experience a dental procedure in a Spa-like atmosphere. Promise, you won’t see any of those dental instruments or even hear those drilling sound in our spa. Now, follow me…Breath in…. breath out…. and say Cheers!

Proving a spa-like environment for clients that are not comfortable of going to a dental clinic.

Why SMYLab?

SMYLab the Certified Teeth Whitening Service Provider in the Philippines.

SMYLab the Certified Teeth Whitening Service Provider in the Philippines. Our mission  is to provide the most effective teeth whitening products and the best possible quality of service that is fast, affordable, safe and effective. We know how beautiful smile is important to a person.

We know that having a beautiful smile can make you confident, happier and look younger.

Our teeth whitening is performed by a licensed professional dentist to ensure quality of service and to provide proper dental advise to our clients.

Our product is made of organic ingredients (Plant & Mineral based), safe to sensitivity, dental grade, made in the USA and FDA Approved.
Our product is used by thousands of dentists all over the world.

Our Satisfied Clients

I would like to commend your staff for being accommodating and friendly and I would say this is the best place to pamper your teeth! 😊 ❤️☺️ Thank you for having me until next time. 😊❤️😊 If you are looking for best deal kindly visit their clinic!

Khiel Nikko Rivera

Effective and budget friendly.

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Now it’s your turn for your smile to shine.


To fully take advantage of SMYLab™ teeth whitening and to get the best results, we recommend that you have visited your dentist for at least last 6 months (maximum one year) prior to your appointment.

This is to ensure that you are aware of any cavities or other dental problems that might cause issues during the teeth whitening procedure.

This is also to ensure that any plague or cavities have been removed by your dentist prior to teeth whitening.

Our Process

SMYLab™ teeth whitening process is a simple in-office treatment that is administered by our qualified dental practitioner. It uses a combination of LED blue Light, specifically designed for teeth whitening and our whitening gel. The dental method is a brush application technology, by which the gel is applied directly to the teeth using the brush applicator. Our teeth whitening procedure is a simple and convenient process which can be accomplished as little as 20 minutes to 60 minutes, with little or no sensitivity or side effects.

With our teeth whitening procedure, you will get up to 10 shades guaranteed or we’ll refund your money back 100%.

How to Avail

For walk-in or Online Inquiries. It is prior to set up an appoinment before the session. 

Set up appointment

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Appointment Validation

You need to confirm your appointment to us


Once you validate your appoinment, just go to our location for your teeth whitening session. 

Teeth Whitening Services

Our teeth whitening comes with 3 sessions of 20-minute back-to-back for a total of 1 hour. The whole process might take more than 1 hour (Approx. 1 hour and 30 minutes) as clients need to sign read and sign the waiver.

Prepping time and 2-3 mins break between session for the client to rinse the gel and get ready for the next session


Save Up to 25% OFF, plus Free Teeth Cleaning

. Getting the before and after shades.

Price: ₱6,499 less 25% OFF = ₱4874.25

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