Teeth Cleaning and Teeth Whitening

            Patients get confused at teeth cleaning and teeth whitening. Some of them were thinking that these two are synonymous with each other. 

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However, it is not. Even though teeth whitening and teeth cleaning are types of dental procedures, they have different procedures and goals.        


            According to Dr. Ratnika Agarwal, the highest-ranked Dentist, Dental Surgeon & Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentist in Kharadi, Pune, “The primary goal of teeth cleaning are to remove plaque and tartar from the surface of the teeth, in order to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

The main objective of teeth whitening is to remove stains for cosmetic purposes. Teeth cleaning is important for the ongoing health of your teeth and gums, whereas teeth whitening procedures are purely cosmetic.”



Goals and Benefits of Teeth Cleaning

            After you have your teeth cleaned, you are likely to notice that they are a bit whiter. This is because the tartar was already removed. However whiter teeth are not the primary goal of dental teeth cleanings (but rather a positive side effect). The primary goals of cleanings when needed are:

  • Prevention of tooth decay that results from excessive plaque & tartar build-up
  • Prevention & relief from gum disease
  • Relief from bad breath
  • Detection of more serious dental issues. (Your dentist will screen your mouth for signs of decay, oral cancer, & other problems during and after your cleaning appointment.)

Regular preventative dental care can go a long way towards limiting cavities and tooth loss down the road. Get started today by contacting us for an oral checkup.

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Goals & Benefits of Teeth Whitening

            Teeth whitening is actually a group of procedures that can be conducted with the goal of yielding whiter, brighter teeth. The expert dentists remove stains caused by coffee, red wine, smoking, general exposure to food and plaque over a lifetime. These procedures do not have specific health benefits, but rather they are performed for cosmetic purposes.

            However, the primary benefit of teeth whitening is, of course, a whiter & brighter smile. This can boost your confidence and also help inspire you to take better care of your teeth going forward! If you are proud of your white, bright smile, you may be more inspired to brush, floss and schedule cleaning appointments every 6 months. By keeping your teeth clean and avoiding foods that stain (coffee, wine, and tobacco), your whitening results will last for years.

Some reasons you may want to undergo teeth whitening include:

  • You are embarrassed to smile because of yellow or stain teeth
  • You have been using whitening toothpaste & rinses but have not noticed an improvement
  • You have a special occasion (like a wedding or graduation) coming up and you want to look your very best



      In conclusion, teeth cleaning is essential for dental health, and teeth whitening is an elective cosmetic process that can improve the appearance of your smile. If you are unhappy with the color of your teeth and would like to schedule a whitening appointment, contact us-SMYLab: Professional Teeth Whitening Clinic.


SMYLab: Professional Teeth Whitening Clinic

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            The SMYLab is the Certified Teeth Whitening Service Provider here in the Philippines. Our mission is to provide the most effective teeth whitening products and the best possible quality of service that is fast, affordable, safe and effective. We know how a beautiful smile is important to a person. We know that having a beautiful smile can make you confident, happier and look younger. Our teeth whitening is performed by a licensed professional dentist to ensure the quality of service and to provide proper dental advice to our clients.

Your Consultation

            In-office whitening only takes one appointment. Many people wish their smiles were brighter and whiter and as they can be. For a teeth whitening treatment that’s quicker and lasts longer than all the other methods out there, all you have to do is contact our office!

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